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„As a border crosser between art and fashion, it is essential for me to bring the two worlds together in symbiosis in order to be able to tell my story completely.“ - Constantin Prozorov

Stephanie Manasseh, founder of SM Art Advisory, is proud to present a unique collaboration and exclusive sale with fashion artist Constantin Prozorov. From November 29th until March 29th, 2021, Stephanie will offer the Berlin-based artist‘s latest work, Beyond Fashion, on her website

“I am thrilled to be working with Constantin. We came together over lockdown and immediately had a connection. I have always been interested in the intersection of art and fashion and I am blown away by Constantin‘s talent in both areas. His work is a reflection of society‘s interaction with fashion in an almost post Covid era and a study on how consumerism has changed due to a seismic shift on consumption and capitalism. Constantin‘s aesthetic is evident in his work and I am so honored that he chose me to collaborate with on this exciting entrance of his to the art world.” - Stephanie Manasseh

A highly skilled creative with a flair for fusing elements of the real and the surreal, Constantin Prozorov has made artistic campaigns for a number of notable luxury brands such as Moncler, Gucci and Accor Hotels and publications including Vogue, Elle and Madame Figaro, and is at the forefront of fashion and style. As an artist, designer, and fashion world influencer, Prozorov offers an eyecatching and contemporary approach in his work that makes him instantly recognizable, contemplating the intersection of the art and fashion worlds of which his latest triptych, Beyond Fashion tells the story.

In the work Prozorov contemplates the uncertainty of the future and how fashion, historically being a tool to communicate how the world is constantly changing, directly correlates to that theme. The pandemic thus presents a fitting context for this artwork which questions things such as the rise and fall of metropolises, luxury’s understanding of the world, and the significance of centralization. Constantin says of his work: „It deals with the feelings and thoughts of the last years and how I see the world in its form today. Beyond Fashion is to be understood as a homage to the time in which we have been living for years but only now can see clearly. Each of the three sections of the triptych, each with their own meaning, come together to tell a story as a whole.” The utilization of the triptych is an homage to Hieronymous Bosch, who also used this traditionally religious style to communicate his own contemporary storytelling approach of the world around him.


A work that asks questions about the times in which we live and questions current issues such as the rise and fall of metropolises, the luxury industry's understanding of the world, and the meaning of centralization.


NEO2, Spain 

Constantin Prozorov is a Paris-based artist focused on fashion and its relationship with art. A creative mind that uses postmodern surrealism to create avant-garde, eye-catching and contemporary collages published in prestigious international fashion magazines.



24.11.2020 - Un'opera che si pone domande sui tempi in cui viviamo e che mette in discussione temi attuali quali l'ascesa e la caduta delle metropoli, la comprensione del mondo da parte dell'industria del lusso e il significato della centralizzazione.


19.02.2021 - Beyond Imagination With Collage Artist Constantin Prozorov. The man behind work for the likes of Moncler and Gucci. Here ICON speaks to the creative...


22.12.2020 - Beyond Fashion es el proyecto artístico de Constantin Prozorov que refleja la interacción entre la sociedad, el arte y la moda.


10.03.2021 - Beyond Fashion. Beyond the Visible. An Interview with Berlin-based fashion artist Constantin Prozorov.

03.12.2020 - Stephanie Manasseh, fondatrice di SM Art Advisory, presenta la collaborazione con Constantin Prozorov. Il nuovo lavoro dell’artista, dal titolo Beyond Fashion è in vendita sul sito dell’imprenditrice e gallerista fino al 29 febbraio.


05.12.2020 - "Constantin Prozorov est un créateur à suivre."


07.01.2021 - Stephanie Manasseh, founder di SM Art Advisory, propone una collaborazione con l’artista Constantin Prozorov per scoprire quel sottile filo che collega il mondo dell’arte a quello della moda in un contesto contemporaneo in continuo mutamento.


13.01.2021 - Constantin Prozorov, önemli moda markalarının koleksiyonlarını mitolojik detaylarla birleştirdiği mutluluk veren kolaj çalışmalarıyla tanınıyor. Renkli bir masal dünyası sunan sanatçıyla yeni sergisi Beyond Fashion’ı konuştuk.


15.05.2021 - Les collages de Constantin Prozorov sont un medley entre L'art et la mode, le réel et le virtuel.


03.02.2021 - Beyond Fashion di Constantin Prozorov. A cura di Stephanie Manasseh

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