LIMITED EDITION of 100 prints, numbered and signed by Constantin Prozorov on certificate

*All fine art prints are high quality giclée prints made in Germany. 

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” - Vincent Van Gogh.

"Beyond Imagination with Collage Artist Constantin Prozorov. The man behind work for likes Moncler and Gucci." 

ICON, Australia 10.02.2021

"Constantin Prozorov, fashion artist che ha realizzato campagne artistiche per diversi marchi di lusso." 

L'OFFICIEL, Italia 24.11.2020

"Constantin Prozorov, artiste en vue de la planète mode." 

MADAME FIGARO, France 10.09.2020



"Constantin Prozorov是來自德國柏林的前衛拼貼藝術家,他結合時尚、科技和動畫技術,創作出令人驚艷的跨界藝術作品。"

VOGUE, Taiwan 13.12.2018

"Constantin Prozorov es un artista con sede en Berlín centrado en la moda y su relación con el arte." 

NEO2, Spain 22.12.2020

"Constantin Prozorov est un créateur à suivre." 

SABATO. (L'Echo & De Tijd), Belgium 05.12.2020

"All Aboard: The Detailed Eye of Constantin Prozorov."

CHROMART, UK 25.06.2020

Fashion artist and Instagram influencer Constantin Prozorov takes works with imagery from the latest collections and fashion trends, and reinterprets them in his imaginative collages. With these creative interpretations he invites us into a magical world combining classic art, high fashion and modern pop culture. 

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