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GUCCI (Diary, 2018)

The irony of imagination. Digital collage artist Constantin Prozorov created an ironic homage to ‘everyday life’ in his interpretation of GUCCI’s product and brand identity under former Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Inspired by a tapestry of references from visual art, history and popular culture, Prozorov’s Fashion Diary presents a series of striking interactions between the worlds of fantasy and reality, inviting viewers to escape the often mundane nature of everyday existence. Snakes and dragons encircle majestic castles, Renaissance paintings spring to life with contemporary spirit, and the urban oasis crumbles in a few stylish seconds. The series reminds viewers about the power of imagination in transforming our experience of the world around us.

"GUCCI is my first personal art project I dived into as an animation artist. I became a great admirer of Alessandro Michele's work since he made his debut for GUCCI in 2015. He created fairytale narratives and visions for each of his collections, which enchanted millions of people worldwide and made them dream. This reminded me of the works of Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Andy Warhol. I was also fascinated by his ability to take us on a journey back in time to the 70s and 80s, which strongly reflected the spirit of the zeitgeist at the time. The combination of Alessandro Michele’s genius and GUCCI’s iconic heritage created a brand that has influenced the past decade like no other.”

VOGUE, Hong Kong 

Merging the realms of fashion and art, Constantin Prozorov crafts surreal worlds through his collages. Art, cinema, and fashion have been lifelong fascinations for Constantin Prozorov. He opts for collage as a means to seamlessly intertwine art and fashion, narrating imaginative tales that captivate individuals into the realm of dreams. The collage technique serves as a conduit, enabling him to transcend imagination and creativity, capturing the serendipities and inspirations of life in the current moment.

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03 GUCCI by CONSTANTIN Prozorov..jpg

ICON, Australia  

Beyond Imagination With Collage Artist Constantin Prozorov. The artistic mind shaping projects for renowned brands like Moncler and Gucci. In this exclusive with ICON, we delve into the creative genius... Somewhere beyond the limits of imagination lies a realm where the known converges with the unfamiliar, where dreams resonate with reality, and where visuals mirror fragments of the subconscious. Whether you label it mixed media or surrealism, step into the cosmic domain of collage virtuoso Constantin Prozorov.

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