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AMI PARIS (2022)

The poetry of dreams comes to life. AMI Paris designer Alexandre Mattiussi engaged collage artist Constantin Prozorov to visually interpret the brand’s L'Échappée Belle collection, exploring key themes of freedom and connection through a surreal new lens. Celebrated for his unreplicable digital technique that presents imagery in new and surreal compositions, Prozorov reimagined the brand’s product and identity in a way it had never been experienced by global audiences before.

"I was inspired to reinterpret the eclectic and carefree world of AMI Paris’s new collection by Alexandre Mattiussi through a surreal and mysterious lens. I portrayed his collection as part of a dreamscape in which the viewer finds themselves in a seemingly abandoned funfair at night, immersed in a multisensory experience of stands, rides and carousels, and of course an oversized moon encircled by the AMI Paris logo as ‘stars’.”

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